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A revolutionary app built specifically for Subway® restaurants to manage in-store operations from freezer to front counter.

  • Quickly Produce Detailed Labels
  • Never Miss a Temp Log
  • Quick Bread Counts
  • Easily Monitor Expiry Times
  • Quick-Access Procedures
  • At-A-Glance Fresh Inventory GUI
  • Fast, Easy Prep Counts
  • Store-Specific Task Schedules
  • Create a More Enjoyable Workspace
  • Auto Prep and Defrost Lists
  • Keep-On-Track Alerts System
  • Sharper Customer Focus

Quickly Produce Detailed Labels

  • Carefully designed labels offering comprehensive information with easy legibility.
  • Innovative label numbering system makes FIFO (First In First Out) virtually foolproof.
  • Convenient printing directly from handheld device over Wi-Fi.

Never Miss a Temp Log

  • Persistent Alerts and Notifications ensure Temp Log completion.
  • Ditch the pen and paper. HandiSub keeps track of all the numbers.
  • Records archived for on-going reference and reporting.
  • Email Logs directly from the App.
  • Bluetooth Temperature probe wirelessly records accurate readings (coming soon).

Quick Bread Counts

  • Sandwich Artists really appreciate our Carrier Count, making Opening and End-of-Day procedures quicker and easier.
  • On-the-fly reconciliation between opening and closing counts produces accurate figures for entry into SubwayPOS, saving time completing Control Sheets.

Easily Monitor Expiry Times

  • HandiSub monitors and tracks each and every cambro from freezer to front counter.
  • Provides in-store alerts on impending expiry of all Defrosts and Preps (including opened packets of wraps and items that have been heated).
  • In-store alerts not resolved are escalated by notification to franchisee or off-duty manager.

Quick-Access Procedures

  • Find relevant procedures at your fingertips.
  • Include your own video and photos for store-specific instructions.

At-A-Glance Fresh Inventory GUI

  • Scroll through your Fresh Inventory, and at a glance, evaluate your store readiness.
  • Colour-coding of Preps and Defrosts shows use-by status at-a-glance, making auditing simple.

Fast, Easy Prep Counts

  • HandiSub’s Prep Count prepares for your store’s Prep and Defrost Lists in less than 5 minutes.
  • Do more than One Prep List per day? HandiSub has you covered with a quick inventory count for Afternoon and Evening Prep List accuracy.

Store-Specific Task Schedules

  • Create a daily schedule for all important tasks.
  • This feature includes optional PIN identification for increased accountability.
  • Optional automatic escalation: Notifications to franchisee or off-duty manager if uncompleted within the scheduled time frame.

Create a More Enjoyable Workspace

  • Today’s Sandwich Artists would rather use an App than Pencil and Paper.
  • Reduce the wall clutter and Clipboards.
  • HandiSub promotes an organised and tidy work space.
  • Sandwich Artists and Managers feel more in control with HandiSub’s enhanced store vision and support.

Auto Prep and Defrost Lists

  • Save time and resources with HandiSub’s reliable Build-To forecasting to generate accurate Prep and Defrost lists.

Keep-On-Track Alerts System

  • HandiSub lets you know when Preps and Defrosts are approaching expiry, or when Tasks need attention, and will generate notifications if they remain uncompleted.

Sharper Customer Focus

  • Less time grinding away on the details means more face time with the most important person in your store.
  • We’re sure your customers will notice it, too.

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